Limitless Possibilities
Through Exquisite Control

At IFM Therapeutics, LLC, we work to improve the lives of patients with inflammatory disorders and cancer by developing transformative medicines that precisely target the innate immune system, the body’s first line of immunological response and an essential component of immune function.
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Immune Response

Serious diseases can result if the immune system consistently under- or over-responds. Our first-in-class medicines precisely control immune responses in patients with inflammatory or autoimmune disorders, and enhance responses in patients with cancer.

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A Leading Portfolio of
First-in-Class Small Molecules

We are working with urgency to develop novel drugs that meet the needs of patients with inflammatory disorders and cancer.

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Experts with an Unprecedented Track Record

Since the inception of IFM, we have advanced multiple, novel programs from discovery to first-in-human studies and beyond.

Recent Updates

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