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Jan 18, 2018

IFM's Gary Glick and Eicke Latz Discuss The Future of Alzheimer's Targets

IFM Therapeutics co-founder Eicke Latz and CEO Gary Glick were recently interviewed in BioCentury Innovations as part of a story on new, emerging targets in Alzheimer's disease. 

In the article, Latz summarized his team’s recent research, which was published in Nature, on the role of the inflammasome in triggering β-amyloid aggregation

Other key highlights:

• 60% of Phase III and 100% of Phase II/III therapies target much-exploited targets, but 51% of preclinical programs target new mechanisms.
• Inflammasome targets were high on the list of emerging areas for research. 
• The picture arising from products in development, translationally-relevant publications and NIH-funded projects suggests that new mechanisms are poised to enter the clinic or fuel discovery projects in the next few years.

View the full story, "After Amyloid" by Winnie Pong on

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